Hogeveen Hallelujah


The past six months have been busy for me – starting a new job with Newton Aviation as an Aircraft Maintenance Apprentice, moving three times, planning a wedding, and finding a new place to live in Edmonton, Alberta, where I will be living with my wife for the next few years. However, I still love making music as much as I ever have, and I managed to find time to work together with my roommate, a young up-and-coming artist named William Hogeveen. His voice has an amazing range and is comparable to Ron Sexsmith in timbre – he uses a similar vibrato style. As soon as I heard it, I knew a recording session was in order.

We put together a beautiful and passionate cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, recorded at home in the dank basement of an old duplex on the North Shore in Kamloops. This song does a great job of showcasing his vocal potential, and was also an opportunity for him to get a feel for music production. I played drums and accordion, and I did the mixing and mastering for him. This is definitely my new favourite version of this iconic song:

If you like the song, please click the link to download! He would definitely appreciate the support, and the download is free. You can also follow him on Youtube.



I wrote this song from a poem written by my sister, Rebecca. Her words in this piece always remind me of the old jazz classics, so I felt I had to give it a shot and put her work to music. This was my first successful attempt at composing the music after the lyrics were already completed.

After trying to sing the song myself and having mixed results, my friend Michelle Stephen suggested we try it with a female vocalist. She graciously lent her voice to this, and I am quite pleased with how it turned out.

Jessica Wong has created an adorable image to accompany this track, and I cannot help but smile every time I see it. She perfectly captures the aesthetic of light-hearted innocence and joy, full of the longing expectation we experience during the season of Advent. You can see more of her work on her website.

I am so grateful to all my friends and family who have helped me out with this project. Your feedback and encouragement has been invaluable, and I could not have made this happen without you. A special thank-you to my sister Rebecca for writing such a well-crafted poem, to Michelle Stephen for singing so beautifully, and especially to Jessica Wong for creating such a wonderful image to accompany this track.


Stilted, jilted
Slightly wilted
Wavering on the spot
Look up…

Coldness tickles
Wetness trickles
Softly blurring the world as I…
Breathe in…

Filled, and now stilled
Building tension
Brimming with joy
Look down…

The world, lighter
The trees are brighter
A heart is settled again…
Sigh out…

This one has been several years in the making; it is packed with sonic gems and built to withstand replays for years to come. I hope this song can find it’s way onto your Christmas playlist to help you put aside the cares of the winter and take time to relax and enjoy the beauty around you, whatever season you are in. To download the track free, just enter $0 into the purchase line at Checkout. You can then enter your email address at which you will receive your download link.

New Single on Bandcamp


I like to spend my Christmas break making recordings in my home studio. So I took this song, written just a few weeks ago for one of my UBC courses, and built some sound textures and vocal harmonies around it. This is the first time I decided to include some toms, which gave it a pretty driving rhythm in the second half of the song. If you would like to read more about why I wrote this song, check out my previous blog post and video here.


Fort Madeline Digital Album Release


The EP is finally here!! I am so excited!! You can listen to it and download it here in its entirety:

This album is written to the artist, as an exhortation to persevere. It is a bildungsroman of sorts, as it chronicles my own journey as an artist over the last few years. The story begins with “Fort Madeline”, where the lead character sets out on a journey to find a contribution to present to the world. The Bach Prelude then portrays the first few stages of that journey, which are full of pleasant surprises and enjoyable discoveries. However, the character then becomes overly self-confident, and runs into trouble, at which point he realizes several key flaws within his own personality that need addressing, most notably how his words often contain meanings he did not anticipate. The song “Your Words Forget Their Names” describes this stage, and “The Struggle” expresses his convoluted path during this time. The Moonlight Sonata speaks to the patient endurance of his soul, since it doesn’t allow him to take any shortcuts. “Distance, My Foe” explains the character’s determination to succeed in his goals and the drive to return to Fort Madeline despite how far he still needs to travel. Finally, “Moments of Halcyon Age” is the song he sings while he is on the road – it reminds him to hope for the future, and to enjoy the key moments along the way which give his life eternal significance.

For more information on each specific song and the symbolism therein, please click on an individual track and read the description.

I am so grateful to all my friends and family who have helped me out with this project:

Arran Baird – your mixing advice and your rock-solid bass guitar playing really made a difference. Looking forward to more projects in the future!

Christine Wu – your cello part in “Distance, My Foe” is arguably the emotional climax of the album. Thank you for playing so passionately and skillfully!

Dave & Brenda Sanden – You are my parents. Therefore, I complain about you far more than I should and thank you far less than I ought. Would I be even remotely successful without you? Nope, not a chance. Thank you for raising me to love music along with so many other things.

Jamie Smith – Thank you so much for lending your amazing skills as an artist, and for being willing to partner with me in this project! The painting is absolutely phenomenal, and I am so glad I decided to call you up and ask for help. Great music is made complete by great album artwork, and the image you have have created is stunning – I could not have wished for any better.

Joan Keay – Your decade of piano instruction gave me the tools to do this project. I love Bach because of you.

Joel Krahn – that snare drum in Fort Madeline really pops!

John Sanden – Your critique is useful because you are right. Having such high standards for your work has helped me increase my own. Thanks, brotha’.

Kris Barns – Your have the ears of a master! Thank you so much for listening to my mix and giving me your thoughts and criticism – your opinion is always appreciated (whether I chose to follow it or not).

Kristen Chan – Your violin playing makes me so happy every time I hear it! Thank you for being patient with me as I learned the process of creating a score for a studio musician – you performed it masterfully.

Natalie Cheung – You sing beautifully. I am so pleased you were able to lend your voice to this project!

Nathan Ehret – Thank you, my friend, for putting up with late-night recording sessions, countless unfinished mix-down iterations, and a constant stream of musical commentary and updates, which you graciously endured for the whole trajectory of this project. I would have given up long ago without your continuous daily encouragement.

Rebecca Sanden – Your confidence in my work is such an encouragement – thanks, Becky.

To those who I have not listed – thank you! Your patience and support are greatly appreciated, and your encouragement is no less appreciated just because your name is not here.

The artwork for this album has been created by an amazing Vancouver artist, Jamie Smith. Please check out her work and support her art!

Physical CDs, with more artwork by Jamie Smith, will be available in August.

Spring Album Teaser


I am very pleased to introduce to you my new single from the upcoming EP: Fort Madeline.

I plan to release the remaining tracks all at once when they are completed sometime in June. This song has taken me countless hours of haggling over lyrics, recording tracks, mixing, and making many mistakes along the way. I am quite proud of how it turned out, though, and the lessons learned making this song should make my workflow much smoother in the future. Please share this with your friends! A big thank-you to Joel Krahn for the snare drum tracks in this single.

Back Again


After leaving music on the back-burner for the last 8 months, I’m here again for several months to pursue this artistry without any interruptions, for better or worse.

I will definitely miss the community of UrbanPromise Vancouver, the staff who have now become my friends, the streetleaders whom I have had the privilege of mentoring, training and encouraging, and the kids whom I have come to love as if they were my own. But I have learned much through this process as well, and I’m that much more inspired to create after putting music aside for a while.

I plan to finish writing and recording an EP of mostly original songs by June 21st, do several small performances around Vancouver in the meantime, and collaborate with as many other artists as makes sense with the time I have. Hopefully I can remain productive, and if you are a musician in Vancouver looking for someone to record and produce your work, let me know what your project is and we may be able to work something out.