Hogeveen Hallelujah


The past six months have been busy for me – starting a new job with Newton Aviation as an Aircraft Maintenance Apprentice, moving three times, planning a wedding, and finding a new place to live in Edmonton, Alberta, where I will be living with my wife for the next few years. However, I still love making music as much as I ever have, and I managed to find time to work together with my roommate, a young up-and-coming artist named William Hogeveen. His voice has an amazing range and is comparable to Ron Sexsmith in timbre – he uses a similar vibrato style. As soon as I heard it, I knew a recording session was in order.

We put together a beautiful and passionate cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, recorded at home in the dank basement of an old duplex on the North Shore in Kamloops. This song does a great job of showcasing his vocal potential, and was also an opportunity for him to get a feel for music production. I played drums and accordion, and I did the mixing and mastering for him. This is definitely my new favourite version of this iconic song:

If you like the song, please click the link to download! He would definitely appreciate the support, and the download is free. You can also follow him on Youtube.