Spring Album Teaser


I am very pleased to introduce to you my new single from the upcoming EP: Fort Madeline.

I plan to release the remaining tracks all at once when they are completed sometime in June. This song has taken me countless hours of haggling over lyrics, recording tracks, mixing, and making many mistakes along the way. I am quite proud of how it turned out, though, and the lessons learned making this song should make my workflow much smoother in the future. Please share this with your friends! A big thank-you to Joel Krahn for the snare drum tracks in this single.

Back Again


After leaving music on the back-burner for the last 8 months, I’m here again for several months to pursue this artistry without any interruptions, for better or worse.

I will definitely miss the community of UrbanPromise Vancouver, the staff who have now become my friends, the streetleaders whom I have had the privilege of mentoring, training and encouraging, and the kids whom I have come to love as if they were my own. But I have learned much through this process as well, and I’m that much more inspired to create after putting music aside for a while.

I plan to finish writing and recording an EP of mostly original songs by June 21st, do several small performances around Vancouver in the meantime, and collaborate with as many other artists as makes sense with the time I have. Hopefully I can remain productive, and if you are a musician in Vancouver looking for someone to record and produce your work, let me know what your project is and we may be able to work something out.

three new songs


I’ve been constructing some great new songs this week for an upcoming album. Somehow I was able finish three new pieces all at once in a rush of creative energy.

The first is a catchy little tune about moments of foundational happiness, and how some events leave us only with an image and a fading sensation of contentment. The second is a darker ballad, which slowly builds in intensity, and which tries to describe the the feeling of been creatively paralyzed for no apparent reason. While facing discouragement from the people around him, the character has the determination to persevere and escape from that place. The third is a dreamy jazz piece built around a poem written by my sister, called “Snowflakes”.



Hey everyone, welcome to my brand-new website!

Things are still under construction around here, but a few things are starting to chug along. Hopefully more features will become functional over the next few weeks, time permitting, and as I figure out how all this website design stuff works.