Fort Madeline EP release announcement


This video is a section of track 3, “Your Words Forget Their Names” featuring Arran Baird on bass guitar. I’m playing everything else – mandolin, vocals, accordion, organ, accordion, djembe, and cymbals. Everything was recorded and mixed in my bedroom studio.

This was the very last tracking session for the album, so I thought I would send out this snippet to celebrate. My new 7-track EP, Fort Madeline, which is also the name of the album single, is set to be released on July 21st 2014 on Bandcamp.

Physical CDs, with artwork by Jamie Smith, will be available shortly after in August.

Thanks so much to everyone who’s helped me out on this project – it’s been a long road, and I really appreciate your support.

Check back here on July 21st to download the new album!